Tuesday, September 28, 2010


HEY ROOFHEADZ old and new!!!  The show was incredible today! The consensus is that ROOFLESS ROCKS and DEFinitely "has legs" (show biz speak for "...will have a long life"  I know...we're so NYC now, hahaha.)  Great buzz around NYC & the show will now gear up for the next step on the ladder.  Some important folks are having conversations over the next several days about the future of the show.  We're physically worn out from the crazy 29-hour-only rehearsal period.  We'll get some rest, weigh all the info on the table and formulate the plan for the next step on this incredible journey!   

Biggest, loudest shouts to the New York Musical Festival for giving "Roofless" this platform... and to our supporters who made this trip possible & all those involved in the NYC premiere.  NEW ROOFHEADZ on tha ROOF, ya'll!!!! And the skill level of these cats is off the charts!

Union rules prevented us from videotaping, :-( but we've got pics coming soon.   - T&J

By tha way, we raised nearly all of the $10,000 budget in just 7 weeks...in a recession!!  AMAZING!!!  We were able to secure a loan for the remaining balance so everyone got paid on time and its all good on the roof.  Thx to the NYC team for working within our shoestring budget & offering their expert skillz for ridiculously low fees! And of course, none of this would have been possible without NYMF!!! 

We're gonna get some sleep then we're back on the grind!

T & J

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hey Roofheadz.  Just a quick shout.  Our premiere at NYMF is next Tuesday the 28th - the cast is incredible, music sounds amazing...got 2 of the best rhythm masters in the country --- Beatboxer Adam Matta & Body Percussionist Khalid Greens. Director (Paul Stancato) & the production team are tha coolest, open, helpful folk.   Actors are off tha charts!!!  And the vocals...you don't even wanna know how hot this show sounds right now!  I'm swamped with deadlines, even more than in the lead up in Tulsa so I've been unable to keep up with blog posts, facebook, twitter.  If you're in NYC come check us out!   The buzz is quite tha big buzz!....  aite...gotta Roof to build.  later ya'll.   -Tim