Sunday, October 10, 2010

Behind-the-Scenes at our NYC PREMIERE

We've posted some pics of our first cast of NYC Roofheadz.  Union rules are pretty strict about what and when we photograph, record or videotape, so there's not a whole lot of documentation of our premiere but we were able to get some good pics of these talented folk!  Check them all out by clicking the "photos" tab above.  Here's a few:
The reading cast prepare to officially rock the roof. (l to r) Omar Evans, Keva Moolenaar, Krystina Alabado, Alexander Elisa, Marquis Rodriguez, Chad Carstarphen, Ben Mapp, Alan H. Green, Joshua Heggie, Dana Ianuzzi, Crystal Joy, Greg LoBuono, Khalid Greens, Paul Stancato in foreground. (Not in shot: Geri Brown, Adam Matta, Anita Welch, & Nick Dalton.)

Some powerful acting from Ben Mapp as MARQUEE & Greg LoBuono as RAZ
At the helm, noted director Paul Stancato (Lion King). He guided us through our first NYC production experiences with patience, grace & inspiration, We learned a lot from Paul and we were pleased to open the world of "Roofless" up to him as well. We're excited that he'll also be on board for the next steps on this Roofless journey! Thx Paul!
Principals SELA (Anita Welch) & SCOPE (Chad Carstarphen) look over one of their duets
LIL MAN (Marquis Rodriguez) & MARQUEE (Ben Mapp) summon TAGZ (Adam Matta) to magically transport them back to 2004...yeah, "magically" lol.

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