Thursday, May 17, 2012

ROOFLESS - THA LYRICz - Homie 2 Homie

Sometimes its tough to figure out what to post while we're in development.  The script and score are constantly improving & evolving and in musical theatre its generally not common to do professional recordings that are "ready for public distribution" until AFTER a show fully funded, produced and well into a commercially successful run.  But in this day and age, when building an audience base depends on constant social network posting, its def a bit of a problem.   So while you guys are waiting for us to come up with some demos and vids, we thought why not start a little series that highlights some of the lyrics. This whole idea came about because of a lyric stuck in my head the past few days, so that's where we'll start.

Grammy nominated emcee Johnny Polygon was an original "Roofless" cast member, performing with us in Tulsa, Dallas, the L.A. Disney Workshop & the first ASCAP table reading.  Although Jerome & I are the composers & lyricists of the score, we were lucky to collab with JP on several numbers in the original show, along with Body Percussionist/emcee David "Sho'Tyme" Holmes.   All but one of those 3 original numbers have been cut or rewritten numerous times, but Johnny was cool enough to contribute a handful of new lyrics for one of the later rewrites. Those lyrics still remain in the song "Homie 2 Homie" to this day. We have to keep most of the new material close-to-the-vest as we're labbin the show, but we TRY to give little tastes of the show from time to time.  I've had this lil 8-line flow Johnny wrote for "H2H" stuck in my head all week so I thought we'd share em with ya'll.  

So check out JP's pen game as principal character SCOPE tries to convince his homie MARQUEE to help him compose a lyrical wedding proposal for his girl Sela. When Scope begins stating the obvious; that he's in love with Sela, Marquee (who's not feelin his decision to take on a wifey right now) responds with this bit of cynical sarcasm: 

(Hahaha.  Thx Johnny Polygon.)

We'll try to post more lyrics as time permits & maybe some audio as we continue workin on the new demos.

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