Saturday, December 29, 2018


It's been around two years since we last officially reported on the progress of our award-winning, flagship musical "Roofless."

This whole time Tagz, freed from the libretto pages, has been flying around the LoJoLab ("levibreaking" as he likes to call it) inspiring, imbuing and sometimes even irritating our creative process.  Since the 2018 Yuletide first started its slow burn, our mercurial lil homie has been champing at the proverbial bit wanting to unwrap the latest news for all our friends, fam, fans & followers.

Yup!  We've got a little bit of news, folks.

Progress has been silently and tenaciously taking place under the cover of our self-imposed radio silence.  I'm sure it will be an unexpected surprise to most.  We'll do the official unwrap of the news in the first week of January!  Now if we can just keep Tagz under control for a few more days!!!   
Where's that damn Flyness Swatter?

S/O to @the_photographer_j07 and models @stephenchristopher, the brilliant @magor15 and my sorely-missed TuTchTmuse @Harry Uzoka whose work inspired and helped bring this latest Tagz character concept art to life for the holidays.  
Roofless concept art, as always, by TuTchT IMAGING (yup, that's us too.)

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