Monday, November 14, 2011

They Still Cuttin' Footloose!

Big shout to FOOTLOOSE writer/creator DEAN PITCHFORD. Dean is one of the first "Hollywood folk" to critique and advise us on "Roofless" when we unveiled it at Disney/ASCAP back in 2004.  Incredibly inspirational and well-spoken, he gave us a treasure trove of great quotes and endorsements for "Roofless"... among my favorites, he called "Roofless...a whole new way of exciting audiences." High praise from someone who's managed to excite audiences for decades with his hit "Footloose." The current film version, now in theaters, features some of today's hottest dancers - among our facebook famz who get their shine on > Terence Dickson, Charles "Lil Buck" Riley, Ron Myles, Keviorr Taylor, Christopher "LIL C" Toler

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