Monday, May 31, 2010

ROOFLESS is properly vernaculared...& for good reason.

Part of the unique quality of "Roofless" is the combination of realness and fantasy,  the balance of magical sparkles & blood splatter, lol... traditional Musical Comedy and Hip-Hop rawness.   Jerome and I have mad love for musical "cheesiness" & a good healthy irreverence for it at the same time.  Part of maintaining that gritty-and-glittery balance in the show is our decision to write the dialog & lyrics with an uncensored realness.  Editing the language of these characters would vastly decrease the undercurrent of authenticity - the hard truths which are the foundation of this show.  Without that foundation, the story would just sink into a BP-sized oil-slick of cheesy sludge.  Not typically what you'd hear in a musical...but hey, "typical" ...thaz not wassup.  Truth.

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