Friday, May 28, 2010

TABLE READING on the ol stompin gounds - Oct 09

Back in October, before submitting the latest version of the show to our LA & NYC peeps, we needed to hear the show in its entirety so we could detect any new trouble spots.  Casting is much easier in LA or NYC where there are tens of thousands of actors always looking for interesting projects...Tulsa tends to have slim pickins by comparison (I'm talkin quantity, not quality) - and when it comes to a specific character type like "young black male" the pool of interested actors is even smaller.  So it took us several months but we beat the bushes in Oklahoma, then reached out to LA, NYC, TX, KS, & ATL looking for actors who would be willing to devote a day to tha Roof.   When the cast finally came together we had a new Roofheadz collective who rocked the material...and as always we had a hella fun time with each other.  Something about the combination of charismatic young talent & this material always results in a memorable time!

The Tulsa Table Read Cast included: (all from Tulsa unless noted) Roderick Hudson, Stephen King, Jerome Johnson, J-Fresh (Austin/Dallas) Mike Fruga (LA/Tulsa), Branjae (ATL/Tulsa), Taylar Smallwood, Tyffny Johnson, Jessica Beresh and Janna Smith.  Dionne White, production assistance.  
Videography courtesy of Chris Johnson & James Sims. 

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