Friday, May 28, 2010


Since we haven't staged a full production of "Roofless" during these years of development, its sometimes difficult to explain how this musical "moves" and sounds.  We're gradually beginning to get some of the newer material demoed but the best footage we have comes from the original productions in Tulsa and Dallas.  This was before musicals had made a full comeback in popular culture, before "Chicago" won the Oscar, before "In the Heights" won the Tony, even before dance films like "You Got Served" "Stomp the Yard" etc were released, before "High School Musical," before "America's Best Dance Crew" and before "Glee" & LXD linked up for a sell-out tour (which you should ALL go see...we feel a sort of Roofheadzish kinship with these peeps!!!) was also before we hooked up with our Broadway mentors and teachers, hahaha, so in a way this show is pretty embarrassing to us on the "craft" level...but hey, to paraphrase an oft' misquoted scripture, "never hate on your small beginnings!"  Enjoy this trip back in time. 

Big shout to ALL this incredible Tulsa Talent in this show!!! All of them were basically amateurs at the time, students or workin folk, devoting MAD hours (months) to bring this show to life -  just for the love of it.

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